I finished my Diamond and Lozenge socks yesterday.  I’m kind of ambivalent about them.  I’m sure that I will wear them, but I don’t know that I enjoyed the pattern enough to want to use it again in a pair of socks.  Below are a couple of pictures.  Click on picture and then click on picture again to enlarge and read note.


I’ll either go back to E. Z.’s sewn bind-off or another stretchy bind-off that I like to use as well.


Click on picture and then click on picture again to enlarge and read note.

Because I use a customizable sock pattern, most of my socks will just be stockinette.  Two reasons for this is that one, I like plain stockinette socks and two, when I use a pattern, I have to adjust the number of pattern stitches to fit the number of stitches on my two needles.  That’s why you see the stockinette ridge that goes up the sides (both sides) of my socks if there is a pattern involved.


From the Jalapeño and Habanero photo in the previous post entry, my roommate and I made jelly.  We added about four bell peppers to the mix to add more volume to the mixture.  The jars are cooling now and we’re waiting for the lids to make that popping sound so that you know they’re sealed.  I’ll post a picture next time once everything is done.

Until next time, be well.


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