I hope that you’re doing well and enjoying the New Year so far.  Last Saturday, I went to one of the guild’s knit-in’s and had a good time.  Later that evening, I went over to fiberitis’s house for food, knitting and fun.  All three were wonderful.  Thanks again, Beverly!  I haven’t done much this weekend except for working on my cardigan.  I’ve been seaming it off and on for a couple of weeks or more.  I decided to use a crochet slip stitch instead of the standard seaming method.  I think it worked out well.  Below is how the crochet slip stitch looks when using for seaming.


Below is a picture of the cardigan.  As you can see, I still need to put the edging around it and add the buttons.  Slowly, but surely, I’m getting there.  I think this sweater is okay, but I don’t know that I would knit another one that is complete garter stitch.


Today while my roommate and I were out walking, we met up with these two dogs that we’ve never seen in the neighborhood before.  One of them was a chocolate colored lab mix and the other was a lab/pit bull mix (I think).  We walked for an hour and they walked the entire way with us.  When we got back to the house and went inside, they stayed on the car port for at least a couple of hours.  We were afraid that they wouldn’t leave and would have to call the pound.  The chocolate colored dog looks as if she had just had puppies in the not so distant past because her milk glands were still long.  I have a feeling that someone dropped them off in the neighborhood to get rid of them.  I just cannot imagine someone doing that to another living thing.  My roommate already has a dog and I have my cat, so it really wasn’t an option to keep them.  I hope that they’ll be okay.

My weight loss journey continues.  As of today, January 25, 2009, I’m at:

Weight:  152.8 (down from 165.6)

Body Fat:  25.5 (down from 26.7)

Weight loss as of today:  12.8 pounds

Body fat loss as of today:  1.2

I hope that you have a wonderful week and until the next post….be well.


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Just your average, gay-male knitter.
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One Response to HERE, DOGGY

  1. Carolyn says:

    Congratulations on your weight loss plan. I plan to have a serious sit-down with myself and work it all out also. Your cardigan is absolutely beautiful. As for those dogs, that is terrible that someone may have dropped them off. If it’s true, I wonder what happened to the puppies. Sad.

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