Hello, Possums.  Not much has been going on here, except for work and knitting.  Last Saturday some friends and I went out for drinks at Bar Louie and then to see the Sex And The City movie.  Of course, we had to have Cosmos and then some other drinks.  We flirted with the bartender and made him nervous!  Fun times.  We enjoyed the movie and I think I will have to add it to my DVD collection once it’s released.  Speaking of movies, I joined Netflix and am really enjoying it.  I think they’re hurting Blockbuster’s business because the last time I was in one (at least around here), it was crappy.

Sunday, two weeks ago, me and some other friends went to Red Robin for dinner.  It was okay, but I wasn’t in the best of moods and probably should not have gone.  The two Samuel Adams helped though.  🙂


If you’ve never eaten at one, they specialize in hamburgers.  I had the Sicilian hamburger.  It had pepperoni slices on it, but I can’t remember what type of cheese.  It was very yummy!


After dinner, I went shopping at Linens and Things and came across this…


Yes, bone suckin’ sauce.  A gay man’s delight!!


I’ve bought a couple of books that I really like.  I have to admit that I’ve bought books when I really only liked one or two patterns in the book.  This isn’t the case with these two book.  I honestly like just about every pattern in both books.  The first one is Knits For Men by Margaret Hubert.  I’m really impressed with this book and wouldn’t mind knitting several of the things from it.  All of the models in the book are quite handsome, I must say.  Below are a few of the pictures from the book.


My favorite thing about this sweater is the leather thingy on it.  I have no idea what you call it and don’t think it really serves a purpose except for looks.


I really like cardigans.  The pattern and color of this sweater speaks to me.


I like this sweater, but have never really been a fan of rolled collars.  I guess I’m a purist!


I like this one because of the entrelac pattern in it.


I think I like this one because of the model.  I can be shallow too!


The Second book is Tweed by Nancy J. Thomas.  I bought this book several months ago and it’s one of my favorites in my knitting library.


This if my favorite out of the book.  I think the tweed yarn goes perfectly with the fabric of the skirt.


I’ve almost finished my second pair of socks with the yarn from my first post in WordPress. 

Below is one of my best friends.  He and I worked together for several years in a call center for a major cellular phone company.  He and I had some fun times when we worked there.  He moved several years ago to Atlanta and we lost touch with one another.  A couple of years ago, I mailed a letter to him at his last known address to me.  It wasn’t returned, but I never heard back from him.  I worried off and on until a few weeks ago when I decided to Google him to see if I could locate anything on him.  Low and behold, I found him.  I E-mailed him and we’ve have since caught up.  Below is a picture of Troy.  Isn’t he handsome!  Not only is he handsome, but he has one of the most kind souls of anyone I know.  Love and miss you, Troy!!

Well, that’s all for now.  I hope to have pictures of my finished socks in my next post.  Until next time, be well!


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2 Responses to BONE SUCKIN’ SAUCE

  1. Well it looks like you have been busy. The books look like they are very nice, your friend Troy needs a new sweater lol! You need to start some excercise to get like Samantha ! Cheers your way! Have to chat withyou soon!

    Gurl, I am looking full-figured these days, aren’t I! 🙂 Give me a call.

  2. Beverly says:

    I’ll have to check out Knits for Men for my brothers and Tweed for me. I have some tweed yarn in the stash but have been unable to find the right pattern.

    I think you’ll enjoy both books. They have a lot of good patterns in both of them.

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