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During the early 90’s, I flew up to Boston for a few days and then a friend and I went drove from Boston to the end of Cape Cod to Provincetown in a red convertable Miata.  What a lovely drive it was.  Once in Provincetown, we stayed at this cute little Inn that sits at the shoreline.  One thing that struck my mind about the beach (shore) was that it was very rocky compared to the sandy beaches of South Carolina.

The other thing that stands out in my mind was the drag show that we saw one night.  There was this performer that looked, sounded and had every movement of Bette Davis (post stroke) down pat.  I remember sitting there and thinking, my god, that is Bette Davis on stage.  Great memories.  Boston is one of the cities that I would live in if I ever moved up North.

During the course of my Cape Codders, I finished these:

With my weight gain, the ribbing is stretched to within an inch of its life.

During the course of knitting my last pair of socks, I realized that I needed to find a better bind-off method; as I tend to bind-off tightly as well as knit tightly.  After searching the web, I came up with this:

“Recommended for triangle shawls, cuffs on the toe-up sock or neckline.”

“1.  K2 sts.

2.  Slip the 2 sts from the right hand needle to the left hand needle.

3.  K these 2 sts tog.  K1.

4.  Repeat steps  2 and 3 until all sts have been bound off.”

I’ve started these with the yarn from my previous post.

The only thing that I’m doing differently in this pair is that I’m doing a 2×2 ribbing up the entire top part of the sock into the ribbing.

Well it’s after 11:00 PM EST and I’m starting to get tired.  One thing that I need to do is figure out how to corrrect the time-stamp for post in WordPress.  I hope that everyone has a good and restful Sunday.  Until next time, be well.





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  1. Beverly says:

    Yeah! An FO. I can’t wait to see these in person. Don’t forget that you can always work in some calf shaping.

    I figured it was about time to have a FO 🙂 ! I’ll have to keep the calf shaping in mind for my current pair I’m knitting.

  2. Sheri says:

    That used to be my drink of choice about 14 years ago. Then about 12 years ago or so I drank way too much of it one New Year’s. I couldn’t touch it again til last winter. The first one went down really not too badly, but two and three weren’t so good. Haven’t touched it since. 🙂 (Gotta stick with Khalua drinks, I guess.)

    I like your socks! Very nice.

    Thanks for your comment, Sheri. I don’t drink Cape Codders too often; my favorite drink is a Gin and Tonic. During my college faternity days (early 80’s), I got sick off of Tequila and to this day, I don’t like to smell it. I can drink it mixed in a margarita or Daquiri, but not shots.

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