A little over a month ago I decided to get a new computer. My old desktop only had 7.48 GB of hardrive space (I bought it in ’98) and it was all but gone. I had to start removing programs that I used just to make sure the Operating System worked properly. After some debate, I bite the bullet and decided to go with a laptop. It is definately SWEET!!

Yes, I was on Ravelry when I took this photo.

On black Friday, Joann’s Fabrics had this Ott-Lite Stand Lamp on sale for half-price. Plus I have a friend that works there and she was able to get me an additonal 20 percent with her employee discount. I got a very good deal on it.

It gives off amazing light and makes it less strain on the eyes; especially if you happen to be working with a dark-colored yarn.

Today, I went out and invested in a tri-pod. It’s amazing what a steady “hand” can do when taking a picture, lol.
Here I am in all my fatness working on my friend’s chevron throw. I would say that I’m about 75 percent through with it. I’ve made up my mind that I will lose this weight. I’m starting to feel bad and it LOOKS bad on me. I’ll never get a husband looking like this, lol!!

Here it is spread out.

This is a throw that I started for myself so that I can use up my stash and probably then some. It’s 50 rows garter stitch and then two rows of dropped stitches, repeated. I need to start weaving in the ends so there won’t be so many to do when I’m finish.

Here’s a close up of the dropped stitches.

I have a question and I hope that someone who happens to come across it will know the answer. Why is it that on one or two of your pictures you can click on it to enlarge it, but the others won’t? Does Blogger put a cap on that or something?

Well, that’s all for today. Take care.


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Just your average, gay-male knitter.
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  1. Dave says:

    I love the colours in that orange chevron throw.

    If you figure out that “click to biggen” thing, let me know, mkay? I’ve never been able to figure out any reason behind it.

  2. sko_G knits says:

    the chevron throw looks great!! i am especially envious since i have had one on my back-burner list for quite some time.

    i have no idea about the photos, and hadn’t noticed that it works sometimes and not others until now!! i always thought you can set it to either work or not work….

  3. Charles says:

    Awesome Throw..I also like your color too!

    Also Check out my knitting blog:


  4. Loki says:

    Loving the Chevron! And I remeber the other one from last time we saw each other,and it’s looking good too!
    About the pics,I had the same problem which is why I moved my blog to where I control the size of my pics.
    See ya later!!

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