The street off of where I was staying is the Rue de Rivoli. If you take a left onto it and walk for about five minutes, you start to see the top of the Place de la Bastille monument. If you look in the top center of the photo you can see the top.

Of course the Bastille prison is no longer there, but the monument is quite something to behold.

Coming out of the Metro and walking down one side of the Louvre, I came across this statue. It’s one of Jeanne d’Arc. I walked over and got a closer look and picture.

I’ve read that there are several monuments dedicated to her throughout Paris.

Looking diagonally across from the statue is one small section of the Louvre. As many of you know, it’s HUGE.

Looking a little more to the right.

Walking along, you can start to see the glass pyramid that’s in front of the museum. It’s in the middle/forground of the picture behind the trees.

Of course, the glass pyramid.

Looking to the right of the pyramid, another section of the Louvre. Two people enjoying the early April sunshine.

I thought it was interesting the way the sun was reflecting off of the pyramid onto the building.

More of Paris to come.


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  1. Loki says:

    Hey Calvin! I have to ask…when you were at the Bastllie,did you pull out your knitting and do the whole “Madame DeFarge” thing? I’m wanting to go there just for that purpose!! LOL! She is one of my fave literary figures.

  2. Calvin says:

    Khebhin, no I didn’t knit while I was at the Bastille. I’m afraid that I have to plead ignorance on the “Madame DeFarge” thing. I’ve never heard of it, I don’t think. I did go to a Parisian knit-in one afternoon, though. It was a lot of fun.

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