I have completed everything on my mom’s sweater except finish the neckline and sew it up. The pattern is confusing to me on the process of continuing the mock cable pattern into the neckline. To make it even more confusing (at least to me), all the stitches are on holders and then it’s telling me to do this and this, oy! I’m going to my knit-in next Thursday, so I’ll ask for help at that time. All I’ll have to do then is seam everything up. Yeah!! The below picture is an Irish Hiking Scarf that I’ve started working on while waiting for help on the sweater pattern. I pinned it out to give more stitch definition. I LOVE cables!!

I saw this on Knit Picks website several months ago. I may purchase it at some point. Does anyone, who may read this, have this software? If so, what are the pros and cons of it? Are there other sweater software programs out there that you can recommend?
For New Year’s Eve, a friend rented some videos that we watched as we brought in the New Year.

1. A Love Song for Bobby Long: I have to admit that I have seen this at Blockbuster several times, but have always passed on it because it just didn’t appeal to me. Boy was I wrong! This movie is filmed in New Orleans and stars John Travolta, Scarlett Johansson and Gabriel Macht. I think this is a great movie and it doesn’t hurt that Gabriel is TOO hot in it!! I won’t give anything away about the movie, but this one made me cry.

2. The Wedding Date: This is a cute movie, I think. The English filmed scenes is always beautiful, especially the ones filmed out-of-doors. Dermot Mulroney is looking very sexy in this movie. They show a full-body scene from the backside when he’s getting into the shower. Even though he’s naked in this scene, you only get to see his butt. It will do though, because it’s a very nice butt (hee-hee). Debra is as always, perky and bubbly and plays her part well.

3. Million Dollar Baby: I will admit that I didn’t care one bit about seeing this movie when it was being shown at the theater. I don’t care anything about boxing and thought that it would not appeal to me. Boy, was I ever wrong. As the old saying goes, “You can’t judge a “book” by its cover.” This is an excellent movie and one that made me cry even harder than the first one.

I don’t really have any plans for the weekend except to work on the scarf and maybe rewatch Billy’s Hollywood Screen Kiss. I haven’t watched this movie since I bought it years ago. Stay warm.


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Just your average, gay-male knitter.
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3 Responses to YES, HE STILL KNITS

  1. Kenny says:

    Hey Calvin, thanks for reading my blog. I just put your link on mine!

  2. Andy's Crafts says:

    Just in case you are bored, there is a Meme waiting for you in my Blog. You really don’t have to answer it, but Iknow you can’t resist.

    I will call you when I come back. Stay happy.

  3. Kev says:

    AWESOME cable work! Wish mine looked that good

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