It’s hard to believe that 2005 is almost at a close. I can’t believe that I started a blog page and kept at it. I say that because I started one on Live Journal a couple of years ago (non knitting related), but just didn’t feel compelled to keep it going past a month or so.

That being said, I am so happy that I’ve made new friends that love to knit as much as I do. Even though we’ve never meet (with the exception of one person), I feel blessed to have all of you in my life and I look forward to getting to know you better in 2006. I hope that every everyone has a safe and HAPPY NEW YEAR and that it proves to be your best yet!!


About colamanknits

Just your average, gay-male knitter.
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  1. baldjeff says:

    Calvin, I love the new look to your blog. Very clean and fresh!

  2. Kev says:

    Well keep on blogging! You are on my blog list!

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