Where is the governmental leadership in this country? From the dumbass in office on down to the local government in the States that were affected by Hurricane Katrina? Dumbass gave a live broadcast this morning before he left to go down to the affected areas, but chose to land in Mississippi instead of Louisiana. He knows to stay away from there. Concerning his speech this morning. He was stumbling all over his words, which is not uncommon, but even more so today. As I told Sean this morning in an E-Mail, he knows his ass is in hot water on this one. As some of you probably are aware, there was study put in place by FEMA that was studying the affects that a hurricane would have the levees in New Orleans and how to fix them. We’ll guess what, dumbass cut the funding down to next to nothing. Oh yeah, and least we forget where the “savings” went, yes, HIS war in IRAQ. So yes, the effect of this disaster can be tied by to him. His ass had better be impeached on this. I swear!! Enough is enough!! I’m sure that as many are, please continue to keep the victims in the affected areas in your thoughts and prayers and send any type of help that you can. We CANNOT forget this and the lack of leadership we’ve seen to our fellow countrymen by the current administration. DO NOT FORGET!


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