Hello, everyone. I turned on the word verification option for my comment section. It seems that I’m reading more and more where people are getting spammed in their comment section. Arse hole spammers!! I hope that won’t be too much of an inconvenience and you’ll continue to post your comments. I enjoy reading what you have to say. I’m heading up to my younger sister’s home today. She is giving her daughter a birthday party and invited me to come up. I’ve got to run and get showered and then off to the grocery store before I leave. I hope that everyone is having a good weekend so far. Smooches!


About colamanknits

Just your average, gay-male knitter.
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  1. baldjeff says:

    True that about the spam comments Puddin’. They are leaving stuff on my site as well. Guess I need to do this verification like you!

  2. C-Nosuke says:

    Sounds cool. I’m off to school on monday. Dim life ahead of me. But I think this year will be good. I’m prepped for good grades.

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