I’m truly seeing red because I’m so mad. A woman from a company called All American called and left me a message on my answering machine and stated that it was imperative that I call them back. The thing is, I recognized the name of the company when they called last week. When I called her back last week, I asked her what company was All American and she said that it was a Title Company. When she asked for the last four of my ssn, I gave it to her. She stated, no you’re not him and said that she would take care of it.

Well, I called back again and she once again asked for last four of my ssn. I gave it to her again. She stated again, you’re not him. I then proceeded to tell her, “that’s what you told me last week.” That #@*&^ hung up on me. I immediately called back and asked to speak with a supervisor, she hung up on me again. I called again and the phone kept ringing and then she finally answered and I again asked to speak with a supervisor, she hung up again. I called back and after many more ringtones, she finally answered. I told her, “YOU RUDE ASS”!!!! and hung up the phone. Do you know she had the nerve to call me back and threaten to call the police and report me! I very loudly was in the process of telling her that if she/the company ever called me again I would do the same. That #@*&^ hung up on me again before I could finish saying it. I try not to let myself get so angry, but she truly fit the bill of a B****! This just happened so I guess that’s why I’m still fuming.

I started my first official sock last night using two circular needles. I’ve only made one in the past using regular worsted weight yarn on double pointed needles as a sample run through. It came out okay, but have not tried to started another one with regular sock yarn. I then purchased Cat Bordhi’s Socks Soar On Two Circular Needles and am so far finding the experience fun. Don’t get me wrong, both the circs. and dpn’s and good in their on right. I guess it’s just up to one’s preference. I’m just on the 2×2 ribbing so far so we’ll see when I get to turning the heel and then the gusset. I hope that everyone is having a good HUMP DAY. Two more days until the weekend. Thank gawd!!!!


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Just your average, gay-male knitter.
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One Response to IT’S ON!

  1. ~drew emborsky~ says:

    Oh, it’s on…. LOL

    I had a similar occurance a couple of weeks ago. I hope yours works out and you never have to speak to them again!

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