Hello, possums (a la Dame Edna). It’s been kind of a busy weekend. Friday afternoon, a friend, his sister and I went to out to eat at a restaurant in town called “New Orleans”. New Orleans sits on the Saluda River that has a walking/bicycling park that runs along it. As we sat there eating dinner, one could not but help and notice the beauty of nature and near naked men jogging along the way. I almost got fahklempth a couple of times. The food was okay; I had the grilled, barbecue chicken which was nothing to brag about. This is the second time that I’ve eaten there and if I remember correctly, I wasn’t too impressed the first time either. I didn’t say anything being that I was not the one suggested that we go there.

Saturday, I went out to one of the Best Buys here in Columbia because I was in the mood to look at DVD’S and see if there was anything there that would catch my interest. Is it just me or is it that Best Buy has got where they don’t stock hardly any in-store, gay-themed DVD’S? Maybe it’s just the stores here in Columbia. Anyway, the only two that caught my attention was “Far From Heaven” and “Absolutely Fabulous” – Series Five. Since I’ve seen (but still may purchase for my DVD collection) “Far From Heaven”, I purchased the other. Oh, my gawd!! I laughed so hard. I don’t know where I was when these were being televised. I think these were the ones that were shown on the Oxygen Network. If you’re in the mood for a good laugh, I definitely recommend it.

Later that evening, a friend of mine that I’ve known for years came by for a cup of tea, but tea quickly turned into cocktails. Her mother (who was English and passed away several years ago) was a wonderful knitter. I’ve seen some of the sweaters that she hand knitted and they are to die for. I hate that I never got to meet her, but Alyson and I had just become friends when her mother got sick and soon passed away after that. This is a dishcloth that I knitted for Alyson. I think it was appropriate for her since she’s half British.

Today I had a picnic with the same above people. We went back to the Saluda River. It was a cloudy day and humid as hell. Didn’t see any near naked men today though. I was quite disappointed. Later today my mom, her sister (who lives in St. Pete., FL), dad and nephew came down to my house. They still live in Winnsboro where I grew up. Winnsboro is about twenty-four miles north of Columbia and is a small town. There’s not a damn thing to do there. That’s why I moved to Columbia. Well, possums, not much else to say so I’m off to knit and watch the tele. Ciao bella.


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Just your average, gay-male knitter.
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2 Responses to CUP OF TEA

  1. Sean says:

    the naked-running-man-thing is partially why I took up running this late in life. LOL

  2. Calvin says:

    It is inspirational, isn’t it Sean! 🙂

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